MAGZO Upgrade TPU Thermal Doorway Screen Door 10 In A Pack

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SAVE ENERGY & BILLS - Thermal TPU magnetic door screen provides warm in winter, keeps cool in summer....




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  • SAVE ENERGY & BILLS - Thermal TPU magnetic door screen provides warm in winter, keeps cool in summer. Practial prevent air lose so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy and electricity, an enonomical option for you!
  • UPGRADE TPU MATERIAL - Insulated magnetic curtain use upgrade TPU material, hard to tear, durable from scratches. Smooth and soft feel, easy to clean. Pure white thermal screen door, can not see through, provide you full-time privacy.
  • UNIQUE HOOK AND LOOP HASP DESIGN - We are the first seller with windproof sticker hasp design on the thermal door screen, after many tests, windproof sticker hasp can effectively consolidate and prevent thermal doorway curtain from being blown open by the wind.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION MAGNETIC THERMAL CURTAIN - Easy to install and remove, insulate cold air or odor. Most people will use for interiors/exterior door windows, kitchen doors, air-conditioned room, main entrance doors, offices, stores and patio.


New Material Thermal Screen Door

Your life deserves better!!!

Whether you always feel draft into your home, room cannot cool down in summer or warm up in winter?

Smell of food always happens to make its way inside your room?

It's time to choose our insulated door screen, you will be amazed at how well this “door” keeps the house warm with the temperatures dropping, and keep the house cool when It’s blazing hot outside. It is a dramatic difference!


  • Prevent air loss, Save Energy & Bills
  • Keep house warm in Winter
  • Keep house cool in summer
  • Provide privacy for your room
  • Keep Out Draft& Lower Consumption
  • Prevent annoying creatures in

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Keep innovation is our goal. We always keep moving forward to bring more customers a better life. Join us, enjoy high quality life!!!


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