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Custom Magnetic Screen Door Keeps Bug Out, Let Breeze in

by jax@magzo.comZ 28 Feb 2023 2 Comments

  Keep annoying insects(flies, bees, mosquitoes ) outside with a Screen Door, The magnetic screen door allows fresh air to circulate while it is shut. our magnetic screen door mesh is the ideal solution to enjoy fresh air and keep bugs at bay!


  Magzo is an online shop specialized in providing customized magnetic door curtains. It can provide customized door screens or curtains for customers around the world. It is applicable to  various household doors and van doors. It only needs to measure the size of the door frame where the door curtain is installed



 Don't worry about the size and style. If your measurement unit is cm, you need to convert it to inch. You can place an order on this customized page, select inch, and enter the size to see the quotation in advance. or directly order on this custom size web page ,It is very convenient too

Here are CM to Inches converter formula  link:


Place order by youself -CUSTOM SCREEN SIZE web page link


if your style is irregular screen can 't find on the page ,you can contact our customer service email : to communite with how to custom according to your ideas

Any questions please feel free to contact us

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20 Jun 2023 sally

We can custom size according to your needs, pls confirm your need size include the door frame due to your screen need to mount on the doorframe surface
then input your actual size to order on our website ,it is very simple
any help we can do just feel free to contact customer service :

20 Jun 2023 Timothy D. McMahon

We want a magnetic screen door center opening

Our measurement is 31” x 80”. Would we need custom screen or would either 30×80 or 32×80 work.

Tim McMahon

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