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Great solution for my patio screening!

by jax@magzo.comZ 29 Mar 2023 2 Comments

I had a custom-built pergola installed a few years back but decided I wanted screening around it so I could enjoy the evenings without the bugs. I first tried some of those garage door screens. But they didn't fit that well and, after a couple of hurricane seasons living about 150 miles inland from the North Carolina coast, some of the hooks were sheared off and the screening began to have tears in it. I found these custom-sized screens when I went looking for a new option, and so far they are great. They were so easy to install (much easier than the garage door screens). And the adhesive tape was much better as well. Overall, I'm very happy with these so far.

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20 Jun 2023 Cordelya E Adams


20 Jun 2023 Cordelya E Adams

That’s is exactly what I Did in 2020,when I ordered my first screens,you all must have seen fascinating to nabors, no doubt had lot complement and envys but my children and grandchildren. Loved them during covid time.Took them down at the end of the summer and just now putting them back up we are still working on my project that’s what i called them then and that’s the name it is now and I can’t wait to we finish.

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