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How to measure the size of Magnetic screen door correctly?

by jax@magzo.comZ 31 May 2021 6 Comments


   Recently, some customers have reflected that the size of the customized door curtains received is small or narrow. Why does this happen?

  I summarized the following reasons. They only measured the inside door frame size. In fact it is wrong measurement, because our door mesh Velcro needs to be attached to surface of the outer door frame instead of the inside door. So the size they provide is smaller and wrong . This is the installation video for your reference


Custom Double Door Magnetic Screen - MAGZO

How to avoid similar problems?

  1. First, you should clearly measure the position where the magnetic door curtain is to be installed. Most people's doors are such a square shape. We need to measure the place as shown in the figure. Firstly measure the width of the door frame and secondly measure the height. Then enter the width and length of the purchase. be careful not to input the reverse. After choosing the correct price range and completing the payment, we can arrange the customization.
  2. Some people say that they can't enter the size, such as 58 1/2inch width. In fact, you only need to enter 58.5inch in the input box to place an order.the whole order process is very simple too
  3. Can the custom screen door set on oneside?

The answer is of course you can , my sliding doors are like this. if you want to open in the side, You just need to make a note to let me know How many inches you want to open on the left /right side when placing an order?  Then we will customize it for you according to your needs. If you don't leave your message, We will default to the middle opening.

Hope this article can help you. Thanks for your reading.

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18 Sep 2021 sally smith

Hi dear SUZY,
we have 2 ways for shipping

1: free shipping (15-30days), we just charge the product cost .
2: if you need faster , you can choose to  pay the expedit shipping 9.99 to payment . and  it will delivered 7-10days to USA

depends on you choice


18 Sep 2021 Suzy

How long is shipping for custom order to US?

03 Sep 2021 sally smith

yes you can custom black screen 27 × 73 with 5" offset. 1 the first way: input your width 27 and height 73 to order by the link:

plz take a note in your order : 27 × 73 with 5" offset. Then complete the payment.

2: or you can directly contact me to help you create an order : my customer service email is :

hope to can help you
Best regards,

03 Sep 2021 Russell Huber

custom black screen 27 × 73 with 5" offset.

04 Jun 2021 sally

we can custom any size you want , order link:

input your actual size then choose the range to payment

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