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the Different colors and Light Transmittance

by jax@magzo.comZ 16 Jul 2021 4 Comments

                Choose Black , Grey or White Magnetic screen door

Recently, some customers Consulted  me that which color of your screen door mesh has the best light transmittance?

the Answer : black is the best,  the light transmittance of black is better than gray and the last is white

 I will tell everyone here, you can choose the color according to your preferences.

  Effect of magnetic screen door after installation

if you need white trim and black mesh is ok too ,plz take a note in your order

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24 Aug 2021 sally smith

Dear DAN CHEN, we can free shipping , the size 42*106" you can order by the link:

input your actual size and choose the price range . it will show the magnetic screen door cost

24 Aug 2021 Dan Chen

Need custom side opening screen with magnetic opening at end of left side, white, 42” wide, 105” tall. How much shipped to CA?

16 Aug 2021 sally smith

HI dear,
yes we will send tape ,velcro for you intall the magnetic screen door too.
you just need to measure the postion width and height where you want to attach the screen door
then input your size order by the link :

Note: If you need ties plz leave a message in your order

you also can reference this video:

Best regards.

10 Aug 2021 Ed Coughlin

Do I send measurements of the exact outside dimensions (height & width) I want?

This is going in a metal RV frame. Do you send tape, Velcro, etc… for connecting to metal frame.

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