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Why Use Cotton Curtains in Winter?

by jax@magzo.comZ 24 Dec 2021 0 Comments

   When the haze and Covid-19 Seriously and it is not conducive to going out, many people choose to stay at home. At this time, it would be great to have Custom Magnetic Thermal Insulated Cotton Door Curtains, which can keep warm and make our rooms warmer, healthier, and more quiet. the middle opening is set strong magnets with auto off when you go through .the article is about the necessity of using cotton curtains in winter:



  1. Flexible CUSTOM SIZE of the magnetic cotton screen you want,Don't worry about size limitation
  1. The use of cotton curtains can effectively ensure the heating effect of the air conditioner, save resources and avoid waste.
  2. Cotton curtains are used more in winter, they can help us resist the cold and other winter functions
  3. The use of thermal curtains can create a better indoor environment, which can prevent dust and sound insulation.


 the use of cotton curtains is very common in large shopping malls, supermarkets, cold storage and other places

the interior of the cotton curtain is densified, and special non-woven needle cotton double-sided canvas material is added in the middle, which has high resistance strength! The cotton curtain itself is heavier and has good thermal insulation performance, which can prevent the loss of cold air and warm air.

It has the main characteristics of heat insulation, sound insulation and wind resistance. Custom  magnetic  cotton curtain is the best choice for cold protection and warmth.

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