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FAQ about the Custom Velcro Screen Door

by jax@magzo.comZ 26 Feb 2021 10 Comments

1. Can I order my screen door of the width *height is 83*83" ?

A: yes you can custom any size your want.

2. Can I choose the door screen opening in the middle or 1 side ?

A:sure , you can remark the open way when you order it

3. could I  custom it for my van ? 

A: sure , here is magic mesh  screen door install video for the van 

4. Pros of the magnet mesh screen door? 
A: allows fresh air to circulate into the home, but without all the banging and slamming and in-the-way hassles of a traditional hinged screen door.

5.Is the mesh hole can prevent the mosquito and other insects?

A: yes , this is best door screen just like doorway mosquito net. 

A: These are very useful in Florida where bugs are rampant. attached this to the inside opening of your sliding glass door in your backyard.

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02 Jun 2021 sally

You can order by the link:

plz take a note in your order , how many inch you want to open in the left side ? so we see it and arrage to custom according to your requirement.

02 Jun 2021 sally

No problem, you just need to input your actual width 30 and height 70, then choose the range to finish the payment is ok
order link:

hope to can help you

02 Jun 2021 sally

Your dog is so cute and naughty, here are 3 ways for you reference can buy the Screen Patch Repair Kit:

2. or reorder the Pet Magnetic Screen Door :

3. or custom any size you want to screen door:

02 Jun 2021 sally

How much does it cost to have your screen customized for fit?

the magnetic screen door cost depends on your size , you can input your width and height on the custom screen door link, then you can see the cost

02 Jun 2021 sally

You can remove the screen door mesh, keep the tape on the door frame, and hang the door curtain directly when you want to use it next time

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