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How do you put magic mesh on a sliding glass door?Can it be customized?

by ZhangLili 11 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Fiberglass magnetic screen door, decorative items that every household must have. Can replace the wall or glass, become a light, breathable soft partition, wind and dust, anti-heating loss, anti-mosquito, air-conditioning air-conditioning, can effectively expand the space. The space division or entrance of the dining room and the living room can adopt this seemingly non-negative partition, which not only affects the area, but also affects the lighting. So, how do you install the fiberglass magnetic screen door on the sliding door? If you are still having trouble installing a fiberglass magnetic screen door for a sliding door, let me know about it!

A good fiberglass magnetic screen door, not only has a good anti-mosquito effect, but also applies to any door of any family. If you want to use it on a sliding door and want a better anti-mosquito effect, you only need to customize the fiberglass magnetic screen door to install the width of the entire sliding door frame, so that the position of the magnetic strip is just when the sliding door is pulled. The position of the door side, when you enter and exit, you can open the fiberglass magnetic screen door on the side of the door.

(1)You only need to place an order according to the actual size of your door frame before placing the order, and measure the actual opening position. If it is convenient, it is best to present it in the form of a picture.

(2) when you receive the magnetic screen door, don't rush to install it, remove the door yarn from the package, and flatten it so that the crease disappears automatically. Install the Velcro on the border.

(3)first check if the installation position of the door frame is clean. Under normal circumstances, we need to clean the door frame with alcohol so that the Velcro adhesive is more sticky.

(4)Check that the intermediate opening position matches your custom size.

(5) find the center position of the door frame, and place the end of the magnetic screen door with a magnet in the middle, which is slightly higher than the two ends. Stick the rest of the border to the velcro.

(6)if you are afraid that the door yarn is not sticky, you can use our pin to secure it.

This customizable fiberglass magnetic screen door allows you to customize the size of the magnet and customize the position of the magnet opening. It is tailor-made for your door and no longer has to worry about the unsuitable product.

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