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How do you install a garage screen?

by ZhangLili 10 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Nowadays, cars are becoming more and more necessary transportation for people. The maintenance of cars is getting more and more attention. Cars can be used in car garages to avoid wind and rain and block dust. Therefore, if conditions permit, owners are willing to put cars in cars. In the garage. However, the car garage is generally closed. If the garage door is closed, the garage will be completely sealed. The air in the garage will not circulate with the outside world. After a long time, the taste in the garage will be heavier, but if the garage door is often used Open, the dust and mosquitoes will come in again. Therefore, how to solve the problem that the inside of the garage is ventilated and can block the dust and mosquitoes outside is a problem to be solved.

At this time you need a garage screen that can be both mosquito-resistant and ventilated. The installation method for the garage screen is as follows:

(1) After getting the product, first check whether the products and

accessories are complete .

(2) Since the garage screen are not cleaned for a long time, it is necessary to wipe the dust and stains around the door frame.

(3) Measure the size of the garage door, determine the position of the four corners, and keep each two corners on a horizontal line. After straightening, adjust the remaining hook positions and stick them.

(4) Fix the top end with the hook strap and adjust the width of the garage screen to ensure that the middle can be overlapped and pasted for easy closing and opening.

(5) The bottom hook is used to fix the bottom screen to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.

(6) The top strap can pick up the screen at any time.

After a number of upgraded garage screen, we changed the garage screen with magnets in the middle of the original design. The magnet easily scratches your car while entering and exiting. The iron piece on the car is attracted to the magnet, and the long-term pulling will increase the service life of the garage screen. The new hooks and straps are designed to easily hang the garage screen when not suitable.

Change the design of the traditional model, bring you a new test and a convenient lifestyle.

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