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How do you install a magnetic screen door?

by gCara 09 Oct 2019 2 Comments

In the summer, the mosquitoes will become more and more. In addition to the window screens installed on the windows, it is necessary to install the mosquito curtains at the door. How to install the mosquito magnetic screen door can refer to the following experience. The correct installation method will enable you to enjoy the best product results.

First of all, when you receive the magnetic screen door, don't rush to install it, remove the door yarn from the package, and flatten it so that the crease disappears automatically. Install the Velcro on the border.

In the second step, first check if the installation position of the door frame is clean. Under normal circumstances, we need to clean the door frame with alcohol so that the Velcro adhesive is more sticky.

In the third step, find the center position of the door frame, and place the end of the magnetic screen door with a magnet in the middle, which is slightly higher than the two ends. Stick the rest of the border to the velcro.

Finally, if you are afraid that the door yarn is not sticky, you can use our pin to secure it.

Many customers have the following problems due to improper installation:

  1. The magnet has poor adsorption, which causes the magnetic screen doorto not work properly.
  2. The Velcro adhesive is quickly peeled off, and the adhesive is not sticky after repeated installation.
  3. Can't block mosquitoes very well.
  4. The magnetic screen doorwas quickly destroyed by the pets at home.

Installation Precautions:

(1) The installation should be neat, there is a magnet in the magnetic screen door, and the position of the magnet should be at the same level to ensure that the curtain can be sucked.

(2) Installation height, the height of the magnetic screen door installation should not be too high from the ground, nor can it be dragged to the ground.

(3) Considering the symmetry and verticality of the magnetic screen door, the magnetic screen door can not be sucked by itself.

Only when the installation is correct, can we understand the characteristics and benefits of the magnetic screen door, in order to effectively prevent mosquito bites, so that your baby and pets are comfortable.

The magnetic screen door is convenient for people to enter and exit. Because this magnetic screen door is beautiful, light and easy to clean, more and more families are now replacing it.

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19 Dec 2020 sally

you can input the size width 38"and height 80" , order by this link

choose the with range 36-48" and height range up to 86" to finish the payment . we will custom by your input size

19 Dec 2020 Bình nguyen

I’m looking for magnetic screen door left side open
Size 38×80

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