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What is a magnetic screen?

by gCara 30 Sep 2019 0 Comments

Most of the curtains we usually touch are mostly hand-opened, easy to deform and have a short life, and the style is simple and ugly.

Compared with ordinary curtains, magnetic screen are characterized by the fact that after the rear magnetic screen are closed from the east, it does not need to be opened by hand like ordinary curtains. In terms of design, its principle is that the hard frame is not designed, it is fixed by the soft side of the magnetic screen, and it is still open and in, using the gravity and magnetic force of the middle to enable it to close quickly.

The magnetic screen has a good anti-mosquito effect and is installed in the bedroom for a good night's sleep. Installation in the restaurant can reduce the cost of cleaning and add elegance and beauty to the restaurant. Installed in the office, it is cool in winter and cool in summer, flexible, flame retardant, insulating, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, sound-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, non-deformation, non-breaking, anti-light, anti-fading, weather resistance. Especially for families with babies, it is a good choice.

The appearance of the magnetic screen is novel, using high-quality glass fiber material. The velcro adhesive is also made of the best glue. It is not easy to be deformed and exquisite workmanship. At home, you can enjoy fresh air and sunlight like outdoor.

Especially for families with babies and pets, it is a good choice. The magnetic curtain is non-toxic and harmless, so you don't have to worry about accidental contact with your baby. Convenient for your pets to come in and out. The anti-mosquito effect of the magnetic curtain can reduce the use of household insecticides and mosquito coils, both for the development of the baby and the pet as well as for the health of the body.

With a service life of 2-3 years, you can remove and clean and store it when it is not suitable in winter. When you use it again next year, it will still be as new as ever.

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