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How to choose the size of the magnetic screen door

by gCara 29 Sep 2019 0 Comments

The measurement method will determine your experience before placing an order.We consider different sizes for different users in order to facilitate the use of all customers, so that you can choose the most suitable size.

What problems can occur if the size is not selected correctly?

(1) Affecting the closing of the magnet

When the right size magnetic screen door is fixed to your door frame, the magnet will close at the fastest speed when you enter and exit, leaving no gaps. Achieve the best use of magnetic screen door.

(2) The anti-mosquito effect is weakened

With the right size, the magnetic screen door will be completely flattened to achieve the best anti-mosquito effect, and the effective closing of the magnets can better block the mosquitoes that follow you to take the opportunity to enter the room.

(3) Affecting the stickiness of the Velcro

There are some reinforcing strips at the bottom of our magnetic screen door. If the size is not suitable, the reinforced strips will cause the magnetic screen door to be dragged. The velcro will become less and less sticky due to the drag, which will affect the service life.

(4) Unable to install

Inappropriate sizes can't even be installed on your door frame. Subsequent returns will extend your usage time. Long waits will also affect your expectations.

In order to avoid the above findings, our magnetic screen door are set to the following sizes:

  1. Regular size - you need to measure the door size, we have reserved 1-2 inches of Velcro for you during the production process.
  2. Custom Size - You need to measure the actual size of the door frame, we will customize it according to your order size.

The correct size will make your magnetic screen door play a decorative effect and it will be more effective in avoiding mosquitoes.

The three products (magnetic screen door、garage door screen、window screen door)in our store can be customized for you, we are the only one that can be customized to any size. You don't have to worry about the size problems, we welcome you to try.If you have any size problems, please feel free to contact us and we will serve you all the way until you receive a satisfactory product.Your satisfaction is our greatest driving force.

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