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What is the best screen door?——Best in all aspects

by ZhangLili 29 Sep 2019 0 Comments

 I believe that many people are troubled by the flying of mosquitoes in the summer. When you in and out, you don’t pay attention, there will be mosquitoes coming in.A best screen door should solve these problems for you. The design of 32 magnets in the middle of our magnetic screen door frees your hands.The magnets in our middle of the magnetic screen door are automatically fitted to each other, so that you can avoid the troubles caused by mosquitoes at the same time.If you have naughty children and puppies in your home, this screen door is not only convenient for your baby and dog to enter and exit, but also protects them from mosquito bites. It is your peace of mind.

A best screen door should have a stronger function, not just a good anti-mosquito effect. We are the only seller with a windproof magic sticker hasp design. After many experiments, it has strong wind resistance, and the bottom is designed with a windproof Velcro buckle to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.

A best screen door should use good materials.Our material is made of fiberglass, The density of this magnet screen is 15x17 mesh. Allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while protecting your mosquitoes.Good light transmission, giving you a more open view.

A best screen door should be easy to install and use. As long as you clean the door frame clean with alcohol before installation, and then glue our Velcro back to the door frame, the layout is right, you can enjoy the best use of the screen door.The middle of the magnetic screen door should be higher than the sides so that the magnets in the middle are easier to fit together,and the delivered pushpins can also be used for reinforcement.When you don't need it in winter, you can tear off the rough surface of the Velcro, clean it and store it, and wait until the next year to install it again. The effect is still the same.

A best screen door should have a strong stickiness. After many improvements and comparisons, we have chosen the most favorable glue. Our magnetic screen door are enough for you to feel at ease and face the harsh environment.

Is this a magnetic screen door that combines the advantages of one, is your heart moving? Giving you the highest quality products and services has always been our aim.Looking forward to your attempt.

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