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How to store magnetic screen door

by ZhangLili 15 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Magnetic screen door are used more in summer, because there are more mosquitoes in summer, and magnetic screen door can be used to prevent mosquitoes from flying into the room. When winter comes, we don't need to hang the magnetic screen door again, we should store it. So how should we properly store the magnetic screen door? Let me explain to you the things you should pay attention to when storing magnetic screen doors.

The first thing to notice is the problem of moisture protection. Magnetic screen door are needed in many places in life and are critical to the storage of magnetic screen door. In winter, whether it is wet or dry, the magnetic screen door are not stored properly, and it is easy to break. This will not only affect the appearance, but also reduce the use effect.Again, avoid the long-term exposure of the sun, not only the rain and snow in winter, but also the glare of the sun. The material of the magnetic screen door is made of glass fiber, and the improper storage method will shorten the service life.

There are several ways to store it:

It should be kept clean at all times during the use. When cleaning, it can be placed in warm water, soaked in a proper amount of detergent for a few minutes, and dried with a soft cloth. Due to the strong aging characteristics of  magnetic screen doors, especially when the temperature is high, avoid contact with open flames, chemical agents or polymer oils, chlorine olefins, etc., in order to prolong the service life.

Sometimes we will inevitably encounter rainy weather. If the magnetic screen door is rained, we should clean it in time. Because the rainwater also contains acidic substances, it is easy to cause mildew and stains. The magnetic screen door should be cleaned when it needs to be stored. Leave it in a layer of overlap and put it on, so that it can be rolled up in a cool, dark, dry, ventilated place to avoid moisture. When the magnetic screen doors are stored, try not to fold them, so as to avoid leaving creases. You can roll them up from the top, which not only saves space, but also prevents the magnetic screen doors from being creased or even broken. It is a very convenient and practical storage method.

When storing the magnetic screen door, we should pay attention to the above storage method, improve the life of the magnetic curtain, thereby improving the aesthetics and reducing unnecessary losses, making him look beautiful.

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