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The difference between magnetic door screens

by gCara 16 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Nowadays, consumers are demanding more and more in all aspects, so the merchants are constantly developing some new materials, so now there are magnetic door screens on the market, in fact, it can also be called as a mosquito screen curtain. In summer, not only can we avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, but magnetic door screens are also used in many public places. What is the difference between them and ordinary curtains?

  1. Magnetic strips are equipped with magnetic strips, and the two curtains are adsorbed and sealed by the principle of magnetic stripe suction. However, ordinary curtains do not, and ordinary curtains seal the lap joint between the two curtains utilized.
  2. The thickness of the magnetic door screens is thicker and wider than the ordinary curtain.
  3. The lower end of the magnetic door screens is equipped with a weight plate, and the ordinary curtain is suspended by self-weight.
  4. The magnetic door screens fixing pendant is larger than the ordinary curtain hanging piece.

In terms of design, the principle of the magnetic door screens is that the hard frame is not designed. The soft side of the curtain is fixed as a frame, and it is still open and in, and the gravity and magnetic force in the middle can be used to close it quickly. The good quality magnetic door screens is made of high-quality chemical fiber material. It is made of magnetic material or magnetic block. The shape is different. The size of the magnetic door screens is based on the door size. The magnetic door screens has beautiful appearance, no noise, convenient access, good quality and low price, good anti-mosquito effect, good sealing, easy to clean, convenient for collection and so on. Overcome the traditional bulky hard sand door, the noise is large, the inconvenience of taking the hook and so on.

There are many kinds of magnetic door screens on the market, which can give consumers more choices, such as printing, stripes, hard yarn, embroidery, sequins and so on. Variety of styles, rich colors, but generally used at home, it is recommended that the color of the magnetic door screens is preferably light color, because it is too heavy in summer, people feel depressed, stuffy, light color makes people feel refreshed Breathable.Compared with ordinary curtains, the biggest feature of magnetic door screens is that the magnetic door screens will automatically close when the person passes, it does not need to be opened by hand like ordinary curtains. The magnetic door screens has a good anti-mosquito effect. It can be installed in the bedroom to comfortably sleep. Especially for families with babies, installing a magnetic door screens is very good.

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