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magnetic curtains to achieve the best

by JiaJunZheng 22 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Many people complain about the correct use of electromagnetic screens and complain about the use of electromagnetic screens.In fact, no product is perfect and there are certain weaknesses, but as long as we use it correctly and skillfully, we can play to our strengths, avoid our weaknesses and achieve the best results.Here are some ways to use mosquito repellent magnetic curtains, which may be the best use for curtains.

First of all, more attention should be paid to mosquito nets.Usually, when we use the screen door, some mosquitoes outside will lie on the outside of the screen door, but when we go in and out of the screen door, we accidentally bring mosquitoes inside.Therefore, when we enter and leave the screen door, we must first use our hands or other objects to repel mosquitoes before entering and leaving.

Second, regularly clean indoor residual mosquitoes. No matter how cautious we are, there will always be mosquitoes entering the room through various channels. Sometimes it is accidentally brought in when you go in and out, and sometimes mosquitoes that have been raised by indoor garbage for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the mosquitoes indoors regularly:

  1. Use the mosquito killer to close the door and window to clear.
  2. Use electric mosquito swatter to remove.
  3. Time to clean up the garbage and prevent the regeneration of mosquitoes.

Third, when people are not indoors, try not to turn on the indoor light source. Mosquitoes like bright places, mosquitoes outside will go to bright places, although the use of magnetic curtains, but will make a large number of mosquitoes outside waiting to enter, so we accidentally brought into the room.

Compared with traditional mosquito curtains, magnetic curtains have the advantages of green environmental protection, economical use, high mosquito resistance, long service life and beautiful appearance.Any size and position of the magnetic opening can be customized, and the right size allows you to better experience the anti-mosquito effect of the curtain.Can be widely used in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals and other places.The magnetic screen door is characterized by a frameless soft edge and a split-in and out, which is quickly closed by the gravity and magnetic force of the middle side.The magnetic screen door has been carefully selected by the inventor for many years. It is made of high-quality chemical fiber material as raw material. It has obvious advantages such as no shrinkage, no wrinkle and no deformation. The color is new and firm, the workmanship is fine, and the quality is reliable. Avoid direct sunlight for years.

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