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The role of the curtain in the garage

by gCara 23 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Nowadays, more and more cars come into people's life, and car maintenance is getting more and more attention.In the garage, the car can be sheltered from wind, rain and dust, so if conditions are met, the owner is willing to put the car in the garage.However, garages are usually closed.If the garage door is closed, the garage will be completely sealed.The air in the garage does not circulate.After a long time, the smell in the garage will be heavier, but if the garage door is opened often, dust and mosquitoes will re-enter.Therefore, how to solve the garage internal ventilation, blockage of external dust and mosquitoes is an urgent problem to solve.

If the garage is always closed in your home, the smell and long-term mold in the garage can cause a lot of harm to the human body.Garage curtains that can be opened at any time are a necessity in life.Few good helpers.The garage door curtain is beautiful in appearance and reasonable in structure.The whole gauze curtain is made of glass fiber and assembled separately, which solves the problem that the gap between the traditional gauze curtain and curtain frame is too small.Suitable for gate type.Green, environmental protection, airtight, easy to clean, simple and beautiful.If there is a lot of dust over a long period of time, clean the gauze with a damp cloth and then wipe with a damp cloth.


Garage screen has decorative function, save space, Velcro control switch, dust in gauze automatically drop.Gauze has good mosquito control effect.Good ventilation after folding, small space.It has a windproof design and is suitable for all kinds of garage doors.Installation, installation is simple and convenient.The screen door is split in half, fixed to the frame at the top and sides, and open in the middle.The Velcro is in the middle and closes tightly after passing. It is not easily blown away by the wind.

Installation instructions:


1.Clean door frames.

2.First install the sides and top.

3.Determine the location of the hook.

4.Flatten it from below and fix it from the bottom up.

5.Fix the other side in the same way.When installing another curtain, make sure the Velcro can overlap.

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