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Importance of fiberglass window screens

by gCara 23 Oct 2019 0 Comments

In order to prevent mosquito bites, many people usually put window screens on the windows. This seems to be very good, but in life you will find that there are still mosquitoes in the house, so even if the window screens are white. If you don't want to be bitten by mosquitoes in the summer, it is necessary to install screens, but many times there are many mosquitoes. The main reason is that this kind of traditional screens is of little use. Nowadays, many people have installed this kind of home, which is not only strong in texture. It also prevents mosquitoes from entering the home.

  • The window screen of this material is green and environmentally friendly, does not contain substances harmful to the atmosphere, and does not cause harm to the human body.
  • Long service life, excellent anti-aging, anti-cold, anti-inflammatory, anti-moisture, flame retardant, anti-static, good light transmission, UV resistance, high tensile strength, etc.These determine that it is not easily damaged under non-artificial factors, and we can use it for a long time.
  • The glass fiber window screen is widely used. It can be directly installed on the window frame. It can be assembled with wood, steel, aluminum and plastic doors and windows. It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-aging and fire resistance, and it does not. Need to paint with color, is a non-toxic and tasteless window screen, will not cause any harm to our health, you can rest assured.
  • Good light transmission: Glass fiber screen has good invisibility effect, can resist ultraviolet radiation, protect people in the room from ultraviolet radiation, and has good light transmission performance.
  • Glass fiber screens can be directly installed in the window frame, have anti-aging, no paint coloring, etc., and are widely used in daily household life; the opposite nylon screens are generally gauze mounted on doors and windows or outside the doors and windows, the price is higher than glass fiber. Screen screens are expensive and inconvenient to clean.
  • Glass fiber screens are more durable than nylon screens and are more suitable for everyday home life. However, after all, different types of screen materials have different characteristics, consumers should choose according to their own needs, focusing on fire-retardant and other features of optional glass fiber screens, focusing on lightweight optional nylon screens.
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