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Magical Magnetic Screen Door

by Alison an 16 Oct 2020 0 Comments

    Pantalla de puerta blanca

My house is suburban of Florida. Green plants and blue sky, beatiful  flowers be surrounded by bees and butterflies, birds sing in the  morning, without disgusting city garbage lie the streets, no automobile exhaust,  I feel nothing can be better than this, so I like here very much. But there are much mosquitoes and unknow insectes in summer, mosquitoes is my the least like creature, they usually bother my sleeping. I hated them and I keen to resolve this problem. After brower youtube, pinterest and so on, I found most of people have the same problem as I do. Finally I found some solutions.





Insecticide, a very toxic material for insects. Sounds efficient but I'm really not willing to use it. Why? Because it’s toxic to pets as well as people, I can’t leave the toxic gas  in my house.










Screen door, once you install it at your front door, bugs and other small creatures will can’t come in your home, but at the same time, wind and sunshine will be keep out of the door, and installation also is a big work. 










 When I scroll down Amazon page to page, I found MAGZO magnetic screen door.

First, it can closed automatically with magnets, which means I needn't to open and close with my hands, and my pets can go in or go out free will.
Secondly, it can efficiently keep bugs and other small creature out, it perfectly solved my problem.

Secend, it can lets wind and sunshine in, you can feel a piece of nature in your house,

Finally, MAGZO magnetic screen door is made of fiberglass, not polyester or metal wire, which it durable and flexible, it can be use for years.
I found the fit size and installed it by see installation video, it work well and look pretty.























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