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MAGZO Garage Door Screen, Perfect Door Net for Garage

by Alison an 21 Oct 2020 0 Comments

    I like to have fun in my father garage when I was young, I and my sisters play hide-and-seek together for hours until have a dinner, at this time, my father usually was washing his car. Years have passed, I have my own car and garage now, I realize it‘s not easy to keep garage non-smelly and clean. Being a nature lover, I always keep my garage door open let the sun come in my garage, but much bugs and mosquitoes here, I have to say them make me crazy, but if I keep the garage door close, it will be full of smell of gasoline and and sweat.


  1. How to solve the pronlem?
  2. How to let the sun come in and keep mosquitoes out of garage?


One product can perfect solve your problem!


MAGZO garage screen door, a perfect door net for garage.

  • Compare to nylon door curtain, the mesh screen is crafted with super durable fiberglass, which is fireproof, transmitting, ventilation, strong, corrosion-resistant,as well as with toughest, heavy mesh construction.
  • Practical door fly screen curtain creates a great barrier to annoying insects and bugs, Easy to install and folds for off-season storage,The garage covering is attached with strapping tapes at the top, which allows you to roll up screen and secure it to the top, hooks contribute to install more stable, prevent been blown open by wind.
  • Nowadays,except for park your car,the garage not only can be used as a workshop or recreational room, but also perfect for parties, cookouts, garage work and more. this garage kit lets you enjoy a wonderful leisure time in daytime especially at night helps block mosquitoes.

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