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Magzo Convenient Magetic Screen Door

by jax@magzo.comZ 25 Dec 2020 0 Comments


We are committed to making your life more comfortable.

We promise unmatched reliability and exceptional craftsmanship.

The bottom of our screen door adopts a windproof weight bar buckle design. After several wind resistance level tests, the load bearing plate can effectively strengthen and prevent the electromagnetic shielding door from being blown open by the wind.

Let Fresh air in, pets-cats and dogs can also easily enter the house and outdoor,save your time to get up and down to let pets out everytime.


About Magzo

Committed to products to provide users with the best quality experience. Simple and stylish with elegant temperament on the complexity of the manaul process.



Constructed from mesh has a longer service life than other common material meshes, and fully reinforced edges can withstand the test of time.



Silent magnets have been sewn to make the screen mesh curtains close faster and quieter. Provide a comfortable environment for you and your family.


Our door screen USES full frame hook&loop, you can take down the screen curtain at any time;Additional push pins are provided to hold the screen in a more stable position.



Summer is not sultry, so you can still enjoy the cool breeze indoors for afternoon tea or rest, 0.6 "dense grid makes pesky flying objects not enter the house.



Give yourself, your family, and your treasured Dog and Cat the convenience of easy entry.Let you relax without worrying about opening the door.

Do you like our design?

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