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How to repel mosquitoes and protect family members?

by jax@magzo.comZ 06 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Every summer, lots of mosquitoes appear from both at home and outside, they are all pervasive everywhere . How to repel mosquitoes and protect family members, here are some methods:


  1. Mosquito curtain

The safest, most historical, cheapest, most durable and most popular item. After improvement, the mosquito curtains are also very colorful and style now , no matter what, the effect is great.


  1. Mosquito-repellent-perfume


It will give off a faint fragrance, repel mosquitoes, protect family members, and be safe and non-toxic. When choosing Mosquito-repellent-perfume, it is best to open it to smell the smell, not too irritating, so as not to affect the family.


  1. Insecticides

If you are out for half a day, you can spray sandworms with insecticides in advance when the house is closed. The effect is very obvious. Although this insecticide is obvious, you must pay attention to the corners and low places when spraying. Do not spray on the table or food. It is more toxic, and it takes several hours for the vegetables to evaporate after spraying. It is suitable for the elderly, the sick and the infirm.


  1. Improve the acidity and alkalinity of the human body

You don’t know this. Eating more alkaline vegetable drinks. The body and blood are slightly alkaline. Mosquitoes like to bite. Even if they are ordered, they will easily come out with a big red envelope. Such as ham, bacon, chicken, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat.

  1. Mosquito coil

Put some fengyoujing on the used mosquito-repellent incense sheet, then light it or plug it in to heat up, so that the volatilized smell is fengyoujing, and the mosquito repellent effect is good.


  1. Flowers drive away

Everyone knows that mosquitoes have a scent. If you put jasmine, Milan, or rose in the evening, then the mosquitoes will not be able to stand the scent, so you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes.


  1. Mosquito repellent night light

Now with the development, many mosquito repellent devices have been invented. The small night light is plugged in and emits a purple light. It is very weak, but there is a DC power grid around it. When mosquitoes pounce, they will be shocked and killed. safe and non-toxic.


  1. Nepenthes catch mosquitoes

Nepenthes is a plant that everyone likes it, there is decomposing liquid inside the cage of Nepenthes, mosquitoes like to go in and hide, and then stick to it, and it is ornamental.


  1. Electric mosquito swatter

Mosquito swatter is a very early product. After improvement and development, the market is slowly restored. Use battery power to keep mosquitoes in the net, the motor is similar to the night light. But pay attention to safety, and children should not play.


  1. Light energy repellent

The sound has sound waves. Some sound waves are not audible to the human body, but mosquitoes can hear it. Buy one to repel mosquitoes through ultrasound, which can be used indoors and outdoors. The effect varies from person to person.


11.Magnetic door screen
My friend once recommended it to me because after he used the magnetic door screen, no mosquitoes harass his family. Because the size of those door curtains is always inconsistent with the size of my door, I have never bought them. I have now found a shop that can customize door curtains. Although the price will be more expensive than the normal size, it is more suitable for my door. I bought it today, hoping it can block the mosquitoes that can suck blood and spread diseases.


I really enjoy the magetic screen door

let fresh in keep bugs out

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