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Magnetic Curtain-the Best Choice for Eyesight and Fresh Air

by jax@magzo.comZ 13 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Magnetic screen doors have become a popular choice for modern families. This automatic closing method is very different from that of roller blinds, which means that they are opened without hands and can be accessed directly.


Which conditions are suitable for installing magnetic curtain ?

1.Fit all kinds of door -screen for sliding door,french doors etc

2.There are a lot of mosquitoes ,insects near the house need the screen door

3.When you want to enjoy the outdoor scenery and maintain good air circulation

4.The rental housefit for the screen, when it is convenient to install, velcro screensdoes not damage the door 


According to consumers' needs for durability and transparency. Magnetic door curtains are mainly made of high-quality fiberglass :


  • DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY MESH - Upgraded mesh curtain with a higher thread count than other cheap screens and full reinforced edges survive the test of time. Comes with premium metal thumbtacks and hook and loop adhesive strips for extra security. The mesh use high-density and antioxidant material, strong and durable. Keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in.
  • We adoptwindproof sticker hasp design on the middle and bottom of the screen door curtain, after many tests about wind resistance level, windproof sticker hasp can effectively consolidate and prevent the magnet screen door from being blown open by the wind. Excellent workmanship guarantees the van screen door lasts a long life.

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