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Would You Want to Own a Bug Screen Door for Your Van?

by jax@magzo.comZ 18 Jan 2021 0 Comments


I like to drive my family members to travel outdoors when the weather is good, to experience the beautiful nature. Because there are many flying insects outdoors, I bought a magnetic screen door curtain before I set off. I want to experience the effect of installing it on my Van.

 This door magnetic screens are made of fiberglass and very strong and inexpensive. I don't want the other two door curtains for $19.99. The quality is very poor. It feels different to the touch. Okay now we have arrived


  When I went to the beautiful prairie, I could see the clear stream by the river and the green grass, so I decided to stop the car here. I turned on the magnetic screens, first checked the instructions, and then took out the Velcro, and carefully stuck it on Around the door frame of the truck. After sticking it up, stick the insect-proof curtain on it. It is installed in less than 30 minutes, which is very convenient

  My dog Tim really enjoy freely go in/out the van ,my lovely pets could push their way in and out of mesh screen whenever they want, and close up right after they go through it. We sitting in the Van but can also clearly see the scenery outside the window. It won't block my sight at all, and the breeze is very comfortable.

  When you want to rest, hanging screen for doorway and never worry about being bitten by flying insects.

  The french patio door with screen can block mosquitoes and other flying insects without affecting the sight of the scenery. I think it’s very good and very practical.


If you also like this product for outdoor travel. Any size can be customized fit for your van or door , highly recommended with Good installation experience.

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