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MAGZO door draft stopper

by Alison an 26 Oct 2020 0 Comments

Upgrade Door Sound Blocker Bring You High Quality Life
A nice bug door blocker for all season protection. Elegant desgin, soft to touch, noise blocker, wind blocker, dust proof as well as prevent the cold air in, makes your room more warm in cold winter, more cool in summer, helps a lot to save electric bill. With this door weather seal, keep annoy bugs off and seal the crack.

It's time to end draft and high electric bills with door snake weather stripping.

Stop air circulation, keep warm in winnter& cool in summer.

Reduce sound, block light, improve your sleep quality.

Say Bye bye to annoying creatures, prevent dust from entering the room.



Unique Hook&Loop Design

Use hook&loop tape to secure door draft stopper in place, more stable. Never worry about it would move around. It's also very convenient to remove when not in use. Install like a breeze!


Humane Loops

Especially with two hanging loops, which enable you to hang it on anywhere, such as door handle, closet hook, etc. Extremely easy to install and storage.





Sophisticated Technology

Sturdy door snake draft stopper adopted sophisticated technology, effectively avoid any tear and broke; elegant flower pattern design symbolizes prosperity and fortune; Filled with polyester wadding, especially add glass beads which make under door noise stopper heavier. high quality material, long life time.







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