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Why you should buy MAGZO screen door-high quality and competitive price

by Alison an 02 Nov 2020 2 Comments


In the hot summer, we open our doors to welcome in some fresh air, the the breeze blow to your side, at this time, the hateful often bugs and critters may disturb you. But you will feel sultry if you close the door, so MAGZO mesh screen door will be a good choice.

MAGZO, your trusted seller on Amazo. Keeping innovation is our goal. We always keep moving forward to bring more customers a better life. Join us, enjoy high quality life!

We are the only seller with windproof sticker hasp design on the middle and bottom of the screen door curtain, after many tests about wind resistance level, windproof sticker hasp can effectively 

consolidate and prevent the magnet screen door from being blown open by the wind.   Excellent workmanship guarantees the screen door lasts a long life.

Come with an installation manual helps you install like a breeze! Remove easily and you can rolled it up during the off seasons. Screen mesh door with strong magnets go all the way down the entire middle from top to bottom, sturdy adhesive strip with extra push pins to secure.

Compared to the previous nylon screen doors mesh with magnets, fiberglass material with better durability, through high temperature molding, fireproof, chemical corrosion resistance, good shape. A good replacement for An actual door, much economical choice for you.

Lets your pets freely go in/out/keeps sealed, your lovely pets could push their way in and out of mesh screen whenever they want, and close up right after they go through it,save your time to get up and down to let pets out everytime.

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23 Dec 2020 sally

yes we can . you can input your width and height 48.5×90”
order by this link:
choose width range 48-60" and height range 86-90" to finish the payment , we will custom for you accrding to your input size .

hope to can help you

14 Dec 2020 Shayne white

Can you make a magnetic screen that is 48.5×90”

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