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MAGZO Garage Screen Door- Prevent Creatures Get Into Your Garage

by Alison an 06 Nov 2020 5 Comments

    When I was young, I especially liked play with my friends in the garage after my father drove his car to work, because there are is very spacious. Many years have passed, I still remember that, in addition to a garage screen door, there is also a garage screen door.I don't know its function, and I didn't ask my father why. Now I have grown up and have been working since I graduated from university. Now I am 25, I made some money and bought a car of my own.


   Then the problem came. In the summer, when I opened the garage door to go to work in the morning, an unpleasant smell came out from garage, so I wont to close the garage door, but in this case, mosquitoes and small bugs, would enter the garage,and gust of wind will also bring garbage and dust into the garage. At this time I understood why dad installed a garage screen door, it is meshed, it can not only allows fresh air and sunshine into, but also keep mosquitoes and some debris out.

    So I browsed several garage screen door on Amazo, finally I bought one -MAGZO garage screen door, because of many customer wrote good review.



There are some reviews that mention:

Yes, MAGZO garage screen door really with good quality and is easy to install. 

Because it is made of glassfigber, which is tear-resistant, fireproof, ventilation, strong,corrosion-resistant,as well as with toughest, heavy mesh construction. In addtion to, it with complete garage door screen kits, include strong self-adhesive hooks and hook and loop, which can help you quick,easily to install it, and he garage covering is attached with strapping tapes at the top, which allows you to roll up screen and secure it to the top, hooks contribute to install more stable, prevent been blown open by wind.



Practical door screen curtain creates a great barrier to annoying insects and bugs.  Maybe you should need one. 

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01 Mar 2023 Rick Grindland

I want to order a garage door screen but have questions. Can someone call me?

19 Dec 2020 sally

Yes gary, you can input 84*84 and order by this link

then choose the width range 80-100" , Heighth range up to 86" to finish the payment. we willl according to your input to customize for you.

18 Dec 2020 sally

I am interested your question, could you describle more detail or take some photos of your door size , then send to my : hope to can help you

18 Dec 2020 Allen Cotton

I need to screen in a back porch. We use your product on our French Doors that lead to the back porch and love them. How can we get your product to fit 111" X 132" (9’ 3" X 11’) X 2 sides and fit 111″ × 179″ (9’3" X 14’11")? I would like to discuss if possible.

19 Dec 2020 Gary

Do you make a screen for a smaller garage door or a French door? Something like 84×84, could very a little.

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