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Why You Should Have the Foam Seal Tape

by Alison an 10 Nov 2020 0 Comments

What is Weather Stripping?

Weather stripping is a foam that seals the gap between window or door. In doing so, weatherstripping prevents air infiltration around windows and doors. If your home is prone to leaks and drafts, you should apply it to all exterior doors and windows.


A good foam tape for home use

Cracks and gaps around windows and doors are a leading cause in high-energy costs in your home throughout the year.

These self-adhesive foam insulation tape are a great solution for sealing small gaps around doors and windows, forming a barrier against drafts and humidity, as well as dust, pollen and insects during warmer months,Say goodbye to odor, moisture, dust or other hazardous and unpleasant elements make your home more comfortable and energy efficient all year long.


Here are a few basic guidelines:



1. Weatherstripping should be applied to clean, dry surfaces in temperature range is from -40℃ to 90℃.

2. Mark the same height as the place you need, then cut the excess tape.

3. Peel off the backing film, apply weatherstripping snugly against both surfaces.

4. The material should compress when the window or door is shut.

5. Apply the seal tape to the place you need.


MULTI-FUNCTION WEATHERSEAL: This foam weatherstripping tape can be used as insulation, shock absorption and sound absorbing materials, and widely used in door seal, which not only helps a window air conditioner cool efficiently in the summer and helps prevent heat loss in the winter,but also for sealing out insects, and dust around window air conditioners


HIGH RESILIENCE AIR CONDITIONER SEAL TAPE: Compressive deformation resistance, durable elasticity, the air conditioner weatherstrip can be quickly return to original shape after compress. which guarantees long-term shock protection of the parts


SAFE FOAM MATERIAL: Soft no harmful adhesive foam strips with great flame retardant, does not pollute equipment, oil resistance, resistant to corrosion, dust proof, anti-skidding and insulating


EASILY INSTALL FOAM INSULATION TAPE: Easy to handle, manageable, and weather stripping can be cut and conformed to a variety of shapes and sizes, making it a good foam strip for doors, windows or any place you need


WIDELY APPLICATION: House insulator can be used as a weather-strip, as a seal around air conditioners, as a gasket and to cushion and stabilize major appliances. On cars, trucks and boats, construction sector, electronics Industry,etc.

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